Whether you are looking to increase the torque or require economy remapping, our experts are able to optimise your vehicle’s performance.

Ford Focus 2.5 ST in today for performance remapping. Improvements to the car include 50bhp power gain, 100Nm torque increase, smoother power delivery and a much more responsive engine.

A rather nice BMW M3 in for remapping to match performance of the car to the Milltek exhaust already on the car. This gave an extra 25+bhp and has made the engine much more responsive.

Jaguar XF 2.7d for power remap today. This gives a brilliant 45bhp power gain and a massive 100nm torque increase. This coupled with the smoother power delivery and improved fuel efficiency leaves the customer better off all around.

VW Golf GTi in for a power remap today. These cars love being tuned, gaining an impressive 40bhp and a massive 85nm torque increase.

Ford Mondeo for economy remap and DPF removal

Land Rover Freelander in for a power map, giving the car an extra 32bhp and 65nm torque increase.

We have also seen a Land Rover Freelander TD4 in for a blend remap, giving the customer an additional 30+bhp, 60Nm torque increase, an EGR removal and smoother power delivery.

Citroen C5 HDi for economy tuning giving an extra 25bhp, 50nm torque increase and an additional 15% economy improvement. The on-board trip computer has gone from 48mpg cruising at 70mph to 61mpg. Think we’ll call that a result

VW Caddy with economy remap giving a 32bhp power increase, an extra 60nm of torque and 15% improvement in fuel consumption.